Reupload Game Request

1. Don’t request any games which are not available on this site. The page is only for Re-Upload.
2. Don’t request reupload GD link which is getting the limit because it is not considered as a dead link.
3. The re-uploaded files are in the same formation which is applied now like file size, file hosting etc.
4. Request is required to include such article url + reason or full article title + reason.


Title : Grid 2-Black Box
Link :
Reason : Mega, GDrive and Direct FTP Links was broken


Title : Grid 2-Black Box
Reason: All uptobox links was broken/dead


Link :
Reason: Google Drive part 1,3 and 5 links dead/broken

6. Double request posts are not allowed. It is necessary to check the comments below, if there is no same request you can post the request then.
7. All of request which violates the terms and conditions will be automatically ‘DELETE’.

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